We are a Healthy and Delicious Drink company that started in Bandung in 1999 and has satisfied millions of customers by providing the best service and products. Your smile becomes a passion for us in serving each customer and it is our obligation to be able to bear fruit for others and also Indonesia in accordance with the vision and mission of CV. Fuity Indonesia.

We are one of the pioners in the juice retailing in Bandung start 1999, with our variety of fruit choice, 25 different local and imported fruits, we serve the most complete selection of fruit juice and bubble drinks in many shopping centers, malls and popular destinations in Bandung and presently Jabodetabek areas. (Please find our counters in the store locators)

We stand by our slogan, which is Healthy and Delicious Drink, providing delicious juice and bubble drinks to people who crave a healthy lifestyle.

And we believe we will always do.


White kwetiau chinese noodles made from rice. Kwetiau generally synonymous with ethnic Hokkien and Tio Ciu. Both have differences in presentation kwetiau. Ethnic Hokkien who dwells in Sumatra Medan is famous for wearing fish balls, lapchiong and duck eggs, while ethnic Tio Ciu living in Kalimantan famous cow wearing, Kwetiau beef and offal such as tripe. Kwetiau & Baso 28 took the recipe from the famous Peranakan Pontianak tionghoa pleasures. With its trademark, Kwetiau & Baso 28 are packed with modern concepts to indulge tongue traditional culinary connoisseur.

Baso Tekwey

Products that have a fast processing because of its take away and handy with a variety of meatball toppings, noodles and original beef broth and also special chilli sauce that is appetizing.

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